Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First night in the camper.

We spent our first night in the travel trailer, last night. I slept very well. Dave on the other hand did not. Not sure if it was the different bed, the excitement or what. He apparently kept himself entertained by making a recording of my snoring. After listening to it, I must agree it did sound funny. If you can imagine a cross between a cow and a hoot owl in the distance, that was me but with the underlying sound of a grown man trying to muffle his giggles. He is threatening to share that recording with my family. That's okay, I see lots of mornings with him bringing me coffee in bed. (Pay backs can be so much fun.) Life with him will be a grand and fun adventure!

I have enjoyed my morning answering emails and drinking coffee in my beautiful little trailer. Time to get back to building the chairs. We have 4 Adirondack chairs to build and have them about halfway done. Lots of sanding yet before staining and assembly can begin.

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